Why Converge Real Estate

Creating a sense of belonging is cornerstone to growing connections. Benefits from partnering with Converge Real Estate are:



Focused on connecting people, businesses and spaces in an enriching and purposeful way means growing relationships with integrity. We are committed to approaching people and dealings with a genuine interest and we’re committed to delivering results. Being a successful property manager and centre manager not only involves being connected to Renters, Tenants and Retailers but also forming strong connections with Rental Providers, Landlords, Shopping Centre and Large Format Centre Owners too. 



Being your partner to success means we are present, visible and accessible. Our pragmatic and supportive style means we actively safeguard your interests and by acting with integrity we can further develop our connection as your trusted property manager and centre manager. 



We have extensive experience across multiple asset classes including residential property, retail shops and commercial tenancies in both leasing and property management roles. Understanding each party’s perspective allows for effective dispute resolution and in growing enduring relationships which is pivotal in being successful as a leasing executive, property manager, shopping centre manager or large format centre manager. 



Relevant expertise in leasing, retail management, tenant and retailer relations, shopping centre management and lease documentation means Converge Real Estate is actively involved throughout the entire real estate cycle, providing value added services and guidance. Increasing legislative requirements arising from the Residential Tenancies Act or Retail Leases Act has meant Rental Providers, Landlords and Shopping Centre Owners must meet higher standards and obligations. Rental agreements and leases are complex meaning leasing, property management and centre management is becoming more demanding, technical and specialist.   Remaining accessible means we communicate on an ongoing basis and provide pragmatic advice and support when acting as your property manager or centre manager. 



We are using the real estate’s leading databases and systems to share information and keep all informed throughout their journey.  We’re proudly using CoreLogic, Eagle CRM, Property Tree, BPay and REIV Forms to deliver the highest property management and centre management service standards.  Additionally, we’re on realestate.com.au and other search engines. 



Being present and open to forming connections involves engaging with Renters, Tenants and Retailers on an ongoing basis. This is achieved by regular inspections, approaching people and dealings with genuine curiosity and interest and being accessible. This is especially the case for shopping centres and large format centres as carrying out regular centre tours and inspections is a priority for achieving consistently high presentation levels, cleanliness and safety standards.


Lease Management

Using MRI Property Tree, we’re able to accurately record lease information in an industry leading manner.  Combining extensive experience in lease negotiation and lease administration, this software allows us to track valuable lease information to ensure critical dates and milestones aren’t missed.  This system allows Converge Real Estate to monitor rent due dates and manage rent arrears, issue rent increases and monitor lease expiries and any renewals. Using these systems allows Converge Real Estate to deliver value added services and pragmatic advice when appointed as your property manager or centre manager for your shopping centre or large format centre. 


Finance and Accounting

MRI Property Tree is a powerful tool for meeting Landlord’s and Shopping Centre Owner’s financial, accounting and budgeting requirements and is extremely effective in delivering industry leading standards in property management and centre management services.  It allows for transactions to be performed electronically using BPAY and for Converge Real Estate to provide financial, accounting and budgeting reporting to clients on an agreed basis.  Using our portal allows for Rental Providers, Landlords and Shopping Centre Owners to conveniently access important information from Property Tree.


Maintenance and Facilities Management

Servicing, maintaining and repairing Rental Providers', Landlords' and shopping centre owners' property and services is critical in preserving value, meeting legal obligations and elevating property conditions. Converge Real Estate is diligent in instructing and holding accountable contractors and service providers and understands cleaning, security, parking, maintaining ambient temperatures and effective facilities management impacts how people engage with spaces.



As a strategic partner, Converge Real Estate aligns with your investment criteria and executes agreed pathways. We’ll collaborate with other service providers to achieve best outcomes such as any external leasing consultants, sales agents, facilities managers, contractors and/or marketing agencies. It’s only when parties work towards the same goal that success can be attained and this is especially critical in leasing, property management and shopping centre management.


Value adding

Whether it is assessing maintenance and property expenses, carrying out lease reviews or options or maximising tenant outgoing recovery, we’ll look to grow income, enhance property and centre standards and safeguard your interests. We remain visible when delivering our property management or shopping centre management services in a pragmatic and accessible way whilst understanding Rental Agreements and Leases to ensure best outcomes and compliance. Our open and curious mindset means we are always looking at ways to increase income and potentially generate new ways to improve cash flow and profitability.


Proud REIV member