Core Values

Converge Real Estate strives to make connections using our Core Values, being:



  • We love property and everything it entails.
  • We approach people and dealings with genuine curiosity and interest.
  • We understand the importance of being connected.
  • Growing relationships by acting with integrity.



  • Being present and accessible.
  • Acting supportively and timely.
  • Being your partner on your path to success - whatever success looks like for you.
  • Adding value and achieving results.



  • Connections are strengthened by communication.
  • Relationships are enduring and require commitment levels to remain high.
  • Relationships require passion and perseverance.
  • Achieving success requires targeted and dedicated focus.



  • Having and open and curious mindset.
  • Seeing if new ways forward can be unlocked.
  • Seeing opportunities or challenges.
  • Valuing relationships and investment criteria.